The Leader in Affordable
Self Storage Space

With our affordable self storage space, you can achieve the freedom you need to pursue your dreams.
And with 20+ years of experience in the UK, we have helped hundreds of families and businesses in Asia cut costs and do more with their limited space.
Grab our special offer now and let us help you declutter and reorganize your life, completely hassle-free.

We Understand Your Storage Needs.

Personal Self Storage


Now you can get as much space as you need to store all your personal belongings with our flexible month-to-month leases in modern and clean premises.

Business Warehouse Storage


Reduce your rental costs with out our warehouse solutions. Store your records and documents in a secure environment.


Your luggage will stay fresh for a longer time and be less vulnerable to damage. Perfect for International Students, Expats & Frequent Travelers.

Cube Mini Storage


Store your personal belongings and safeguard your precious memories. Flexible solutions for individuals & families.

Why choose Cube Self Storage?

Enjoy Spacious Living

Whether it’s the memorabilia from your travels or the equipment from your sporting interests, there is no reason that your pursuit of happiness should cram your living space!  Cube Self Storage helps you to solve the limitation of household space so that you can enjoy the lifestyle that you pursue.

Temporary Storage

Thinking of a renovation and need to empty your flat to keep them out of harm’s way? Or moving houses and some of your cherished items won’t fit?  Or perhaps, you are planning on leaving the country and just want to store away some or all of your stuff so you can rent it out? Don’t worry, Cube Self Storage can help with our air-conditioned storage facility to keep your belongings safe and sound.

Seasonal Items

With the changing seasons, there’s always a part of our wardrobe or the items at home is this “off-season” and just taking up space. Cube Self Storage saves your living space and help you store away all those portable fans or heaters, Christmas lights or your thick winter clothing, so that you and your family would enjoy a comfortable and spacious home!

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