Get a new home for your plushies and create more space at home

Stuffed toys, soft toys, or plushies — whatever you call them, we all love and cherish them in our own unique ways. According to a survey in 2015 by an online retailer Time4Sleep, 51% of men and 39% of women still have their childhood stuffed animals, and 28% of men still sleep with them every night. Not only are these soft creations a comforting thing to snuggle up with at night, but they also embody innocence and comfort that reminds us of home — a warm sanctuary that protects us from the harsh world outside. This explain why it is difficult to get rid of them even when we don’t use or play with them anymore — because they still spark joy. As your stuffed toy collection grows bigger every year, consider these 3 tips to keep them safe while you continue to live in a clutter-free home:

1. A long shelf solution.
Install a long shelf nearly or equal to the length of your room to keep all your stuffed toys. This is a good solution if you or your kids want to keep them around the house without cluttering your living space. The display of your toy collection on the long shelf can be impressively stunning too, and you can show them off to your guests and friends.

2. Hanging storage solution.
Get a shoe organizer — the one that can be hung behind the door. Another option is a wall-hanging multi-layer storage bag. You can even make your own wall hanging storage bags and baskets; it’s an easy sewing project and you can find DIY patterns for free online. Now, you can store your soft toys behind your bedroom door or on the wall, and create more space in your room for yourself.

3. The smarter storage solution.
When getting rid of your childhood items is not an option, and at the same time you need to declutter and create space in your home, a self storage unit is a smart solution. In fact, it is one of the most popular solutions for storing memorabilia and collectibles, including stuffed toys. At Cube Self Storage, our climate controlled storage units ensures your stuffed toy collections are not exposed to direct sunlight, are always dry, well-ventilated with air-conditioners and fans. Also, our building is secured with round-the-clock CCTV and security guards. Not only will your collection remain safe, but their integrity will be preserved.

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