Securely wrap and protect your items with this quick and convenient plastic film.

Moving day coming up? You would need some packing materials! There is one packing material that stands out amongst the rest and no, it’s not the cardboard box… it’s the shrink wrap or some would call it the stretch wrap, cling film or in simple terms wrapping film!

So, what exactly makes shrink wrap a popular favourite packing material of many?

1. It’s flexibility
When it comes to packaging, versatility is key. Shrink wrap is a plastic film that you can wrap around any object, no matter the size or shape! This versatile wrap shrinks when heat is applied conforming to the shape of your object, thus, securely wrapping odd shaped items and increases packaging efficiency.

2. It’s water-resistant
With your items wrapped securely by shrink wrap, it’ll stop anything from the outside seeping in. Leaving no gaps for water to get in making it an ideal choice especially for our weather!

3. Increases load stability
Shrink wrapping items and boxes together is a great way to save on space. It’s a great way for keeping boxes intact when storing or to ensure boxes stay securely together in transit.

4. 100% protection – Safe and secure
This durable plastic is difficult to puncture, withstanding even the harshest transportation conditions. Unlike other plastic packing materials, shrink wrap does not weaken under extreme temperatures such as sunlight and stays securely wrapped around its contents without loosening.

5. It’s cost effective
Compared to other packaging methods, shrink wrapping is by far one of the most affordable options. It’s a quick and convenient way to pack your items. Not forgetting, it’s lightweight, making it easier to transport and won’t rack up a hefty shipping bill.

It’s time to give shrink wrap a try, if you haven’t already!

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