With a small living space, both decoration and storage space needs to be thought carefully. Nordic style can help! Nordic means Northern European countries, such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Because these 5 countries are very close to North Pole, therefore they have formed a unique style.

The Nordic style pursues natural and simplicity gives people a relaxed and lazy feeling, and wants to make people rest well after returning home. To create a Nordic style, we must pay attention to the following elements:

1: Home colour

If you want to create a Nordic style, for the biggest areas in the house, like ceiling, floor, and walls, the colours should be in light colours, such as white and beige, in order to create a simple and comfortable feeling. Matching it with grey, navy, light wooden, or marble wallpaper, it will make your home look clean and elegant.


2: Home decoration

Nordic style decoration focuses on simplicity and versatility, and it is very suitable for the small living space in Ho Chi Minh City. When choosing furniture and door frames, you can choose grey, black and light wooden colours. Other than that, pay attention to the lighting in your home. Windows can let the natural sunlight comes in and make the space looks bright, plus making it spacious and comfortable to live in.

3: Enrich the vision

Geometric elements are something that you shouldn’t miss, such as triangles, dots and lines etc. If you think a single-coloured wall is too plain, you can add some bright colours like yellow or green to your sofa, tableware and tablecloths etc, in order to bring some fun to your living space.


4: Blend into the natural

The Nordic style also focuses on the elements of nature. If you feel that there are too many white spaces on your wall, you can also place some animal pattern prints or some green plotted plants in the corner, like cacti, fiddle-leaf fig, ceriman and bamboo palm etc, to add a warmth feeling. Also, adding some woollen products, woollen carpet and cotton-linen blended fabrics will also make your living space fun.


A beautiful living space allows people to relax and rest well. The Nordic style is basically the most suitable solution for small living space. It’s simple, yet elegant, and creates a very comfortable and stress-free living space.

To create a comfortable home for yourself and your family, other than finding your favourite style, it’s also important to pay attention to storage space. If you are having difficulties regarding storage space, please feel free to contact our Cube Storage Solution executive, so we can find the best solution for you and offer the most affordable price for additional storage space.