In populated cities with high urbanisation rates such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Hai Phong, small apartments, condos or small houses are becoming a rising trend. According to the Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper (2021), the average housing floor area per person is approximately 24 to 25.1 sq.m per person. In order to maximise space, save money as well as ensure a comfortable and neat living environment, Cube Self Storage will introduce 8 pieces of space-maximising smart furniture that you must have in 2022. 

1. Folded dining table or hanging kitchen table 

Source: Dien May Cho Lon

This smart furniture gives you the flexibility to easily increase, decrease the table size, lower the table height according to your liking, and it’s also easy to clean or move around. It can be folded when you no longer need a dining table, or screwed and hung onto the wall to save you space.

2. Multi-functional tea table

Source: Noi That Ky Dieu

Modern tea tables often have small compartments for cups, dishes, newspaper, etc. so that your home has extra space for other items. Some smart tea tables even have the option for users to raise or lower the height.

3. Dressing table (Makeup table) 

Source: Go Trang Tri

When folded, this smart piece of furniture is as big as a small office cabinet. However, when being rearranged and unfolded, it can become a desk, chair, storage for small items with a mirror installed inside.

4. Bathtub

Source: Homedy

Multi-functional bathtubs with built-in storage will be a good choice for small bathrooms. Utilise the space below to store towels, cleansing utensils, shampoo or detergent.

5. Smart sofa

With a few assembling steps, a sofa can become a bed for your family or stayover guests. Some manufacturers are even able to give it some storage space, or turn it into a shelf for small items or bookshelf. 

Ghế sofa thông minh

6. Multi-functional smart bed

This is obviously one of the best space-maximizing pieces of furniture that a small home owner should have due to its flexibility and functionality.


7. Space-saving kitchen cabinets

A turntable can be installed in the kitchen cabinet so you’ll have more space for spices, or cooking equipment. This will also make putting in or taking out the items easier and more convenient. 

Nội thất tủ bếp thông minh

Nội thất tủ bếp thông minh

8. Smart shoes cabinet

With this type of shoe cabinet, the flip-wing design will maximize the shoe capacity and make use of more space, suitable for small condos, small apartments and houses. 

Tủ giày thông minh

Tủ giày thông minh

Investing in smart furniture is a smart choice to maximise your living space. However, frequently tidying up your home is also equally important. If you’re looking for a flexible, convenient and affordable storage solution, give Cube Self Storage a call via 0834400185 today.
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