Due to growing urbanisation and promising economic prospects in Asian countries, which encourage the growth of new firms, the self storage sector in the Asian-Pacific market is expected to expand larger and larger by the day. However, in Vietnam where self storage facilities still remain relatively new, many regard them as a waste of money. Cube Self Storage will help you debunk the myths about renting a storage facility.


What businesses will benefit the most from having a self storage unit?

Businesses that are short on storage space can always benefit from renting a storage unit.

  • Entrepreneurs and startups whose initial funding might yield better results if allocated to a different source rather than investing in an office or business premises.
  • SMEs and retailers who wish to house excess inventory, documents or furniture.
  • Ecommerce businesses that are looking for a flexible, easy-to-access storage solution that can act as a distribution point to sustain their daily operations.
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies who need a safe and controlled-environment to store samples and products.
  • Any businesses with a surplus of objects, hardware, equipment and stock. 

Cube Self Storage offers flexible and cost-effective storage solutions that will help your business save costs and stay efficient. You’ll greatly benefit from our modern, clean and secure storage facility, which comes in different storage unit sizes that you can easily upgrade or downsize. 


Here’s how choosing Cube Self Storage upgrades your business

  • Extra space at a low cost
    Why invest a fortune in renting an expensive office space just to store your goods? On top of the monthly rental fee, you’ll also have to cover the expenses that come with it such as electricity, water, air conditioning, insurance, cleaning services, additional personnel and other utilities. Especially in busy districts and cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang, etc. the renting fee is definitely a budget-buster.

Cube Self Storage provides you the exact space that your goods require, and you’ll only have to pay for the space you need. No more lengthy leases since our rental term is extremely flexible, and you can easily scale up or down anytime.

Take a look at our time-limited storage offer that will save you a bunch now!

  • Security 

Your documents, business supplies, stock, equipment, machinery, and exhibition equipment are valuable. Offices that often welcome a lot of guests, with outsiders being able to access in the stockroom easily or have a low level of security, your company’s possessions are simply at risk. 

Cube Self Storage has round the clock CCTV surveillance and secure storage units that can only be accessed by the business owners. You can rest assured that your items are in safe hands. 

  • Stay flexible 

It’s easy to determine the storage size that you’ll need in a few months time, but what will happen in the next few years? Will you require extra space as your business continues to expand? Or will downsizing be the best approach to meet your goals? 

Regardless of the reason, flexibility is what Cube can definitely provide. Don’t stress out over paying for the space that you won’t be using. Start with a smaller unit and upgrade to a large one, or opt for a smaller storage unit if you no longer need your items. 


It’s evident that renting a storage unit will often bring more benefits than disadvantages, especially for the group of clients we mentioned above. If you’re looking for a safe, clean and modern storage facility, head to Cube Self Storage website for more information. 

Use our interactive storage calculator to work out the right size unit for your needs or contact our friendly storage specialists for a free quote now!

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