Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye, and it’s the perfect time to start choosing Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Will you choose a traditional gift, or will you opt for a unique one?

Let Cube Self Storage suggest 5 unique Christmas gifts that will blow your friends and family’s mind away

1. Unique Cups and Mugs

What’s a better way to remind the receiver of you than gifting them a unique cup or mug that they can use for a cup of milk or coffee every morning? If the receiver is a minimalist, choose one that only has one or two colours, and accentuates the special material of the gift. For people who prefer colourful or quirky ones, consider printing their pets, favourite slogans or meaningful symbols on the outside of the glass.
Unique Christmas Gifts 1

2. Custom Made Jewellery

Personalised jewellery is always on-trend. You can make a simple necklace stand out by designing it with the receiver’s name, birth date or nickname. Alternatively, you can customise the piece of jewellery with bold colours and shape (based on their preferences of course!). 

Unique Christmas Gifts 2

3. Paintings

Imagine how your loved ones would feel like receiving a painting that you poured your heart and soul into drawing. Painting is a very personal and intimate way of telling someone your emotions, feelings and accurately describing the relationship between you two. Surprise them and demonstrate your artistic side with a lovely painting this Christmas!

Unique Christmas Gifts 3

4. DIY Picture Book

Keep your love in a photograph and DIY a picture book this festive season. It would be a great decoration to their house, or remind them of the unforgettable events if they want to take a trip down memory lane.

Unique Christmas Gifts 4

5. Personalised Scented Candles

What spells Christmas better than red and green decoration, candy cane, gingerbread and scented candles? Cinnamon scented candles are among the perfect Christmas gifts almost everyone will enjoy, and you can always switch to another scent or customise a special scent based on the receiver’s taste.Unique Christmas Gifts 5

6. Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

Do your loved ones struggle with not having enough space for all their items and belongings? Why not be thoughtful and give them the gift of space? Reclaim your or your loved one’s living space by storing with Cube Self Storage.
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Unique Christmas Gifts 6


In a nutshell, a unique Christmas gift is all about customising and personalising the gift in accordance to the receiver’s preferences and characteristics. With our unique Christmas gifts suggestions, Cube Self Storage hope that we’ve helped make this festive season memorable and merry for you and your closed ones.

Give us a call on 0834400185 or contact our team to reclaim your living space today. 

From the Cube Self Storage team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!