It is essential to neatly organise files and paperwork so that they support your work and boost efficiency. Here’s how to set up a filing system that works seamlessly with Cube Self Storage.

  1. Opt for a filing cabinet
    Avoid storing files in briefcases or plastic bags as the larger the amount of documents, the messier and more time-consuming it will be to go through and organise them. Based on the characteristics of your business, adapt the appropriate ideas to record keeping:

    • Documents should be kept in file folders with the assistance of paper clips to prevent stain or wrinkles
    • Arrange the files that are not frequently used in the farest corner
    • Documents that are used frequently should be placed on easy to access and searchable shelves
    • If the office does not have much space, a standing or vertical file cabinet would work best
  2. File classification
    Records classification is important as a good system will result in easier sorting and checking. Cube Self Storage suggests you to categorise as follows:

    • By project: Projects related to each other should be stored together
    • By subject: Similarly, documents with the same subject, e.g. contracts, reports, accounting, etc. should be placed next to each other
  3. File arrangement
    Depending on the characteristics of your business, you can arrange documents and records in the following ways:

    • By time: Divide by month, quarter, first 6 months or last 6 months of the year, etc.
    • According to the alphabet
    • By nature: E.g. normal profile – secret file – top secret; or unresolved – in progress – resolved – backlog, etc.
  4. Create a directory
    Thanks to the list, we can check and look up any document very quickly. It can be done in word or excel sheet for searchability, and it should also be updated regularly.
  5. Recordkeeping
    Each file should be placed in a certain location for easy checking. Scan the files or documents to avoid losing the originals. Again, all documents should also be updated, checked and adjusted periodically.

You can choose what works best for your business to build a smart, efficient filing system. With unrival industry knowledge in countries such as the UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cube Self Storage provides bespoke storage solutions that meet the specific requirements of all clients, including paperwork, documents or important records , etc. storage for your business, as well as personal storage for you and your family.

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