For this time 1 sq. ft. story, we approached Viknesh from SHA NV INNOLAB who has been Cube Self Storage’s customer since 2020.  SHA NV INNOLAB is a company that is involved in the distribution, marketing and export of premium chocolate products.

SHA NV INNOLAB is a Penang-based company and it was established by a father for his eldest daughter who was a first-year college student. The daughter’s love for chocolates and her deep interest in business was the motivation behind the establishment of the company.

The idea was to give his daughter a platform to hone her business skills and gain as much exposure as possible and experience in business.

“In 2019, we were introduced to a fine gentleman by the name Mr. Chandran who was the owner and Managing Director of a premium chocolate manufacturing company. The gentleman introduced his company’s range of premium chocolates called “DAREO”. We were so impressed and immediately fell in love with the taste of the chocolate products.” Viknesh said.

He continued “Initially, we bought a few cartons of DAREO premium chocolates of various types just to share with our family and friends. After tasting the chocolates, we received many compliments and requests from our friends to buy more!”

The response surprised them but never once have they thought to venture into the chocolate business. However, everything changed in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit globally.

“During the first MCO, we saw an opportunity to venture into the online business and DAREO was the perfect choice. So, after careful thought – we decided to form an enterprise to kick-start the premium chocolate business solely to promote and market DAREO brand premium chocolates.” Viknesh added.

Why choose self-storage?

“While we were actively promoting through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and e-commerce website; we did realize that direct marketing is a must, especially booth sales. We decided to participate in as many bazaars, events, carnivals by taking up booths especially in malls.

Participating in these road shows, bazaars and events gave us a lot of mileage in terms of brand recognition and business growth. Due to this improvement of sales, we constantly have to stock up but storage has always been a huge setback for us.” Viknesh said.

He continued “Since premium chocolates melts easily, we need to store them in a climate controlled environment. Renting a cold room or buying one was not an option for us because it required a large investment.

We were looking around for solutions and that’s how one of our colleagues stumbled upon Cube Self Storage. It was a perfect answer for our storage needs and the pricing was competitive too!

We required a small storage size to store our stock and Cube Self Storage managed to match our requirements in terms of size and pricing. The customer service and support has been excellent so far and I wish the Cube Self Storage management keeps up the good work and continuously excels.” Viknesh ended.

How can we find Sha NV Innolab?

We are in the midst of revamping our website and in the meantime you can reach us at +01135761914 (business WhatsApp) for enquiries and catalogue.