When we walk into buildings, many of us don’t normally notice the most basic aspects of the furnishings around us. We tend to focus on the decorative elements that stand out, things like special lighting, or furniture, and sometimes all we notice are bold aesthetics. But most of the time, basic aspects of furnishings like carpets, blinds and even wallpaper are the things that make a huge impact!

For our Global Customer Story, we are featuring Kuala Lumpur-based SAI Carpets and Furnishings, a company with several decades of expertise in providing these services to businesses.

Managing Director Surinder Kumar is also the Founder of this family business which specialises in carpeting, flooring, wallpaper and blinds. We spoke to Surinder and his son and this is what they had to say about their business.

“We are B2B focused so we don’t have retail showrooms. This allows us to be cost efficient and stock the latest products rather than carry large inventory and push old designs and stocks to customers. We can offer the latest designs and most innovative products.”

They continued “We focus only on carpeting, blinds, wallpaper and flooring. We occasionally do large homes but we are mostly focused on the corporate sector doing offices, factories, houses of worship and other commercial spaces. We stand out for our service and prices, being 70 years in the business we have direct links with manufacturers and importers.

I owe my extensive knowledge and expertise in the craft to my father and our family business, Jiwan Singh & Sons – a company instrumental in the development of the carpet industry here in Malaysia over 70 years ago. I am trying to continue the family tradition of serving corporate Malaysia’s needs.”

Sai Carpets and Furnishings was no stranger to effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, but through their perseverance they managed to get through it. Now they help their clients to do the same.

“Covid has been one of the toughest periods, perhaps the only comparable would be 1998 crisis but even then, one could operate. We have downsized and made some small changes but besides this our business is not retail based and doesn’t have high levels of inventory which have helped us emerge from Covid.

There is a gradual move to business as usual which is promising and encouraging. Our clients are all working hard to recover and we hope to support their efforts. Some are redoing their showrooms or offices to account for a different way of working or provide a nicer environment and we have a range of products that can help them achieve this.”

Why Choose Cube Self-Storage

“We wanted to downsize, with the pandemic most clients prefer to meet at their office so we prioritized keeping the samples we use daily and storing old records that still need to be kept and samples that are occasionally used. We took a mid-size room to store our financial records, special product samples that are used for hotels, cinemas, convention centres as these are not used every day. Cube has been the perfect solution, very transparent pricing wise and the service is efficient and friendly. I am happy to recommend Cube to any business with storage needs.”

Where readers can find Sai Carpets and Furnishings

We can be reached via Live Chat on our website www.saicarpet.com or reach us directly at 0172533288.

If your business needs a bespoke storage solution, contact us at cs@cubeselfstorage.vn or call 0834400185 for a obligation free quote now!