It all started with a desire to build an eco-friendly business. In 2019, Jean Christophe Baronnet’s life went through significant changes. He got married, moved to New York, quit his job and started Nailmatic Malaysia.

Nailmatic makes a wide range of organic nail polish for adults and kids. Adults would enjoy their PURE collection, which is a natural plant-based nail polish, and also their 54% water-based products from their AQUA collection.

According to Jean, “The AQUA collection is perfect during pregnancy. It is safe for ladies with an allergy to solvents, or with health conditions that require a chemical-free lifestyle.

Our products are plant-based and water-based; there is no alcohol in them. We’re working hard to get Halal certification. It will take some time, but it is an on-going process now.”

Nailmatic Kids Nail Polish

On Nailmatic’s product line for kids, Jean explained that “Kids always want to copy grownups. So, we developed a line of vegan, cruelty-free products for children. We have water-based nail polishes, fruity lip glosses, colourful bath bombs/bath salts, foaming body and hair washes, as well as organic soaps.”

Mothers and daughters can bond over self-care and beauty with safe products from Nailmatic Malaysia as they are available online and also in several nail shops in Kuala Lumpur.

Bringing all the products from France to Malaysia was as challenging as finding reliable storage space in Malaysia. Fortunately, Jean came to us for a storage solution.

To store his cosmetic products, he needed a clean, safe, and climate-controlled storage. In addition to these requirements, he needed flexible hours to access his stock, including night time and over the weekend.

“We got everything with Cube Self Storage, including a nice service from the staff. The location is convenient and easy to access. The facility is open 7 days a week which is good for us as we travel a lot, work at night and sometimes over the weekend”, Jean added.

At Cube, we go to great lengths to help our customers during move-in day. We strive to make sure the move goes as smooth as possible despite any difficulties we may face.

Here’s what Jean had to say about his experience:

“I remember being stuck, waiting for hours for a delivery that was not coming. Cube Self Storage staff made a call to the forwarding company and spoke in Malay to push instructions to get things done. When the truck arrived, Cube’s team quickly looked for movers to unload my products as the forwarding company did not provide any mover.

Cube’s staff even arranged for transportation to deliver my boxes to my clients. All this may sound like trivial things, but it can really be troublesome, especially for foreigners like myself. Cube Self Storage proposed everything we needed, but the fact that their staff was willing to go the extra mile really made a big impact on us.

As we are spending a lot of time in our storage space, and we appreciate the helpfulness of the onsite team. They understand our activities and the difficulties we face trying to manage everything from overseas. They are very supportive, and we know our stock is in good hands.”

For more information about Nailmatic Malaysia, visit their Facebook page or contact them through Whatsapp at +6017-590-4924.

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