Pictures of frontliners in their full PPEs in various crowded hospitals and vaccination centres have become a daily occurrence across mainstream and social media today. Their tireless effort in saving Malaysian lives is the stuff of legends. But little light is shed on those keeping the frontliners safe. This month we have approached Louis Tai from Glo Tech Medical Sdn. Bhd. who has been with Cube Self Storage for over a year now.

Louis Tai was a graduate in the Business and IT major but he has always been passionate about the medical field.

As an approachable and friendly person, for Louis, his passion has always been driven by the human element. “It’s all due to the human health factor. However, I never expected that I would end up in the medical business.” Louis told us.

Glo Tech Medical Sdn. Bhd.’s business nature is a medical company that supplies surgical instruments to all the major hospitals. The instruments we supply are mainly for operational use.” Louis further explained.

“Even before the pandemic, we have been in the business of supplying face masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Coveralls, Gloves and other products that cater to the safety and hygiene of medical professionals. Since COVID, we’ve been doing our best to ensure a steady supply of these products and equipment to minimise the troubles our frontliners endure”, Louis claimed.

How Has The Switch From Business & IT To The Medical Business Been?

His decision to venture into the medical business turned out to be a positive pivot especially in the wake of the pandemic. But like most businesses, getting it up and running was no easy feat.

“The business has been running for three years now. Back then, in the beginning –  we struggled to get it off the ground because of high competition. But, with perseverance and some luck, we managed to start it up and keep the momentum of the business going.” Louis explained.

What Made You Choose Cube Self Storage?

Cube Self Storage is one of those lucky breaks. Factoring in the high demand, there is not enough storage space in my company’s office to keep our stocks. That is the reason that made us look for additional storage space and that was when we found Cube Self Storage. After we searched more about Cube Self Storage, we discovered that the business has a good reputation, well maintained with climate-controlled storage and we are able to lock our storage. Safe and private.” Louis explained.

“So far I am very satisfied with Cube Self Storage’s service. The SOP is that we are able to fetch and collect our stock anytime we want and it is equipped with a good security system.” he added.

What Advice Can You Give To Aspiring Readers Out There That Wants To Achieve Their Goals Like You?

“Unequivocally, it is wise to venture into something that you are most certainly sure will remain timeless and desired no matter the circumstance. This in return, will keep your business sustained and stable no matter what.” Louis advised.

Interested buyers can reach Louis through phone call or WhatsApp at 016-553 9389 to find out more about their products.

And to our readers out there, let us all do our part to flatten the curve and hope that we can see the better end of this battle. Stay inspired and stay safe!