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Easycrate – Business Crate

Easycrate is crate hire (plastic box rental) department at Cube Self Storage. Our environmental storage box is integrated with eco-friendly and durability box cover and handle. Unused storage boxes can be stacked to save storage space, making Easycrate a cost-saving, flexible and environmentally friendly solution to your storage and moving needs.

Easycrate Business Crate Hire

Easycrate plastic boxes are different from the normal corrugated paper boxes, it provides additional protection for items and it is light and easy to use during removal or delivery. Used with seals, it also provides additional security against tampering during transit or storage. All this makes Easycrate great for your business move or storage.

Cube Mini - Easycrate

Range of Easycrate

The range of Easycrate is suitable for different storage uses and delivery needs. Don’t worry, if you are not sure about which crate is suitable for you, just contact our professional team and we will select the appropriate crate for your items. As for the quantity and duration of Easycrate, we offer simple, flexible hire packages that are sure to meet your needs.

EC3 Standard Crates


There is nothing standard about our most popular crate! Incredibly versatile and can be used to transport a wide variety of items. The crate can hold between 6 – 8 lever arch files at a time.

  • Suitable for general use.
  • Easy to move.
  • Large capacity and convenience for packing.
  • Can fit 6-8 hard cover files.

EC1 Computer Crates


These handy crates are purpose built for safely moving IT equipment such as computers and laptops. For ultimate protection, we have customised foam inserts that can be placed into the crates to provide extra padding which will absorb knocks and bumps. This crate can comfortably hold a 21 inch computer screen, the computer, keyboard and mouse, keeping a workstation together in a single crate.

  • Suitable for computer or office equipment.
  • User friendly, easy for packing.
  • Fill extra space with bubble wrap.
  • Can fit a set of monitor, mainframe, keyboard and mouse.

EC6 Metre Crates


Our longest crate, this aptly named crate is a metre in length and is well suited to transporting larger or more bulky items. This crate can hold between 10 – 12 lever arch files or a metre length of suspension files.

  • Suitable for items that need to be in order.
  • Suitable for files, handbook, CD etc.
  • Can fit 10-12 hard cover files.
  • Can fit a meter file long.

Steps to hire Easycrate

  1. Discuss with your colleagues to agree on the appropriate number and size of Easycrate.
  2. The period of hire.
  3. We will deliver clean and high-quality crate and packing tools based on your needs.
  4. Please feel free to use our Easycrate and tools.
  5. After you are done with it, we will collect the crates and deliver them back to our storage.
Cube Easycrate - Crate hire

As Business Crate Hire service is focused on customer requirements, we are happy to make adjustments in accordance to your business plans, including changing the date of delivery and collection, the number of the crate, destinations, and others.

Kindly contact us if any questions about our Easycrate crate hire service.

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